This term was developed by Alan H. Goldstein. In his article I, Nanobot, he suggested that a new state of life be named after the contraction of the term "anima-materials" "animats". This artificial life form (most likely nanobiotechnology based) must meet the following tests: A = Devices that can survive and function in our ecosphere, for example inside human beings. B = Devices that can derive energy from biological metabolism. Many nanomedical devices will be powered by the fuel available inside the human body. A common idea is to take our own glucose-oxidizing enzymes and use them as a fuel cell for the nanobiobot. C = Devices capable of copying themselves by molecular self-assembly. Note that any information necessary for the animat's operations cannot be stored in DNA or RNA or any other methods that are discovered to be used naturally by life on Earth. The corollary: If the information necessary to execute the animat's operations can be stored in DNA or RNA, then the animat is really biological and is not an animat. So A + B + C = a self-replicating device capable of living in our ecosphere, powered by fuel available in our ecosphere = Animat.



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