Chemical nanotechnology


Chemical nanotechnology covers a sector of nanotechnology that concerns itself with the production and further processing of nano materials. In the chemical nanotechnology that Nanogate uses for the development of solutions and the production of their products, basic materials with typical properties are combined in chemical processes in order to achieve the desired material property. Already at the start of the previous century we saw the first activities with so-called collides (materials with finely distributed solid particles), one of the key foundations of chemical nanotechnology. Colloid chemistry is a sector of chemistry where research is made into the production, characterization and modification of respective systems. Amongst the procedures used in chemical nanotechnology, colloidal processes where germ formation reactions (e.g. By to chemical coagulation or secretion reactions) are used to generate small structures in liquid starting substances are of particular importance. The challenges that arise here particulary for industrial use include the tendency of these materials to agglomerate (clump), which often causes the loss of specific properties. Suitable procedures for effectively countering these challenges are represented, for example, by sol-gel processes, which Nanogate implements among others.


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